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On the other hand, there is something delightfully innocent about the place and I can imagine fathers bringing their young daughters here for a spot of afternoon tea. Almost too pretty to drink with its dusting of rose petals, the steamed milk is delicately sweetened with organic honey and an infusion of rose tea, giving it a Turkish flavour.Monica and I instantly make a list of all the daughters and nieces we will be using as an excuse to come back and have this again.As a medical tourist destination it is becoming increasingly popular - thanks to contemporary facilities, skilled clinicians and, of course, affordable prices.It also helps that English is spoken widely everywhere. Kuala Lumpur is on the central west coast of Malaysia.Both men and women do not shy away from surgery and treatments to achieve their physical goals.For instance after childbirth, many women get mommy makeovers to get their old bodies back. Men and women both get body and face contouring, liposuction and wrinkle-busting treatments from surgery to Botox.No longer a young carefree spirit with the ability to quickly bounce back, I wish I had known then what I know now – that following up a big night with a breakfast at Merchant’s Lane the next morning is without a doubt the best cure!

The restaurant is split into three sections, the large and lofty front room, a central outdoor smoker’s den where the building’s hardy fig tree resides, and a back room draped with floral printed screens, lined with deep couches and complete with hanging egg chair. On the one hand playful references to its risqué past are found throughout, from the red light illuminating the entry stairs at night, to the naming of certain menu items.

The continuous decrease in the ratio of girl child per boy child is clearing this issue very well.

So, their travels across 10 nations is to raise awareness to prevent sex determination, female foeticide, save girl child, ensure safety of girl child, as well as provide quality education to them.

An ever so subtle splash of hipster cool makes me pause to remind myself I’m not on a Melbourne rooftop, but instead in a former brothel in the quieter end of Petaling Street.

Co-owner Ken Ho tells me with a cheeky grin about the tiny petitioned rooms that he and his partners Kenneth Tan and Saujin Yong had to knock down when they renovated the building, mischievously suggesting he learnt more details about its former life from some of his contractors.

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While gobbling down her steak, the petite girl looked sheepish when talking in a combination of Malaysian-style English, Khmer and some Malay. I was brought here as a maid last year, but my employer didn’t want me as I refused to carry out all of their demands such as working up to 18 hours a day, washing their two cars, taking care of their dogs, washing their patio of their huge house in a good neighborhood.