Updating platform sun4u boot archive

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Hello Friends, This is Nilesh Joshi from Pune, India.By profession I am an UNIX Systems Administrator and have proven career track on UNIX Systems Administration.The only different thing is that RARP is used instead of DHCP to retrieve an IP-address.Server prerequisites: Since we didn’t have another Solaris powered server available for Jumpstart purposes we wanted a regular Linux server to fill in this purpose. For this the following software is needed to behave like a Jumpstart server: – TFTP – Bootparamd – NFSv4 – RARP – Solaris 10 SPARC DVD Networking setup: In this post I will use the network naming like used in my private setup, that is: – which is my server “server” – which is my gateway – which is my Sun server “sunfire” – The MAC address of the Sun Fire is “” Preparing the Sun server part 1: This part will consist of 2 steps, the first one about retrieving the MAC address and the second step is later in the guide for starting the installation itself (which I will not cover here).This article only describes how to convert the Mila X Live CD to a WANBOOT image – it does not talk about how to use the Mila X WANBOOT image or how to set up a WANBOOT server.Note: WANBOOT is only supported for SPARC machines.

The Sun server communicates at 9600 baud, no parity and 8 stop bits.

Mila X is a small size Live CD distribution which runs completely off a CD.

Mila X is the perfect tool for troubleshooting a not-booting Solaris installation.

In the following post I’d like to go through in a step-by-step manner an upgrade process of Solaris OS.

My goal is to jump from Solaris 9 right into Solaris 10 wagon and cause as minimal downtime as possible.

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Recently a collegue of mine (over at came in possession of a Sun Ray 2 thin client set. Specifications: CPU: 2 physical 1.34GHz Ultra SPARC IIIi (SPARCv9) RAM: 4GB ECC DDR266 (2GB per CPU) HDD: 2x 73GB SCSI (U160) 10KRPM LAN: 4x 1Gbit PORTS: 1x 10Mbit mgmt port, 1x serial port (DB-9), 1x RJ-45 serial console and an external SCSI (U160) interface Solaris: Currently Solaris 11 is the latest version Oracle offers.