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Microsoft word stop date updating

Goddamn how many documents have I printed with the wrong "filename" due to me forgetting to manually update the filed EVERY TIME I save?

The Microsoft Office suite contains a range of office applications, such as a word processor, spreadsheet software and presentation program, all of which are useful for business purposes.

To update multiple fields at once, select them as part of a contiguous selection range and press F9.

Dear Colleagues, I'm trying to update the start date of thactivity in the Project file, but no matter if typed amnually or chosen from the callendar it constantly comes back to the last-saved date, while there is no problem to change the end date for the same activity. I just tried it and it works fine both entering in the spreadsheet and also via the calendar.Before we get into specifics, note that a lot of keyboard shortcuts are involved in working with fields, and some of them are the only way to accomplish a particular action.Table 16.2 includes a quick summary of these shortcuts.When you change the start date it will give you a notice in the information column of the spreadsheet.Do you want to send your project file and I can test ? Marc I am also having difficulty changing the start date on a project.

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I have changed the start date on the project screen but the 'actual start' date will not change. Hi Bert, In project management methodology you don't want your Actual Start to move when other dates change.